Spring Planting

The kids have been so busy, busy, busy getting their work done and I am so pleased with the progress! Friday, however, they all woke up and had an extra burst of energy. So we declared it an *outside day* and had some fun! One of the things we did was to plant some wildflower seeds (for the fun of it!). 

Step 1 - Clean out hanging baskets and fill with potting soil

Make a small well and fill with seed mix (then, if you are my children, sprinkle some extra around, for good measure)

Use hands and mix gently.

Water. You can see Hoss watering his in the background. In the foreground, LM shows a special basket she prepared....

...for a special place. Sadly, at the beginning of this week, LM found her precious cat (Romeo) in the front yard, having just been hit by a car while trying to run across the street. So she also learned a life lesson about saying goodbye this week. We didn't want to bury him at our house, since we rent, so we went to her grandmother's house and found a permanent place there. Since we were planting over there, she wanted to leave a small basket of flowers there to decorate.


  1. What a wonderful life you have! I love how you are raising your children :) May God bless and water your efforts!

    1. Thank you! I am praying for some flowers to show up, for the sake of the effort and encouragement they will bring, as well as the beauty of God's handiwork! Thank you also for stopping by - I am honored! I have personally followed you for quite some time, and was pleasantly surprised to see you show up here!


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