To Succeed One Must Never Give Up

Even if that means, the best you can is to blog a few times a year, and always tell yourself you'll pick it back up full time....eventually.

Richard Bach said:

"A professional writer is an amateur who didn't quit"

My friends, I claim that for my outSTANDing blogging skills ;) (as I type this, I realize I'm searching for the emoji buttons that surely should be somewhere by now hahaha!)

We didn't quit. I mean, I obviously haven't been around this blog in what feels like eons. We are still here, though, alive and kicking! 

KLW is going in to the 10th grade this year. When did someone come in my house and allow that to happen? Whoever did is going to get a tongue lashing from me, because this teenager is just a few years from adulthood, and I don't know how I feel about it, to be honest with you. 

She's gorgeous....

Kind of quirky....

Has some killer selfie skills

She's tall.... really REALLY tall. Her Daddy is 6'5", if that gives you a reference for comparison....

Definitely crazy!

Did I mention gorgeous already? (even when she is moody!)

LAW will be starting high school this year - the 9th grade. I will just reiterate all those things I said about KLW growing up too fast....

I used to think he would never actually hit that teenage stage, that rite of passage, where boys no longer want their pictures made, where they get serious, quiet, sober minded. I was right ;) mostly ;) He still acts pretty silly, cracks jokes that aren't always funny, overplays jokes, and isn't usually quiet. He did, however, get to the point where he does not care to have his picture taken, and rarely cracks his big, beautiful smile. I retract all thoughts of wanting him to reach this stage - he needs to go back to smiling in pictures. (Seriously - he has an awesome smile. One day, he's going to flash it at the right girl, and she's going to steal him from me. Now that I think of it, he can stay serious faced in pictures a little while longer!)

BMW is on the cusp of teenagerhood - almost 12. She thinks she's 16. I often have to remind her she is NOT, but someone should probably let her know, as well. 

I should also note that she has absolutely NO issues with taking pictures. She can oblige with a selfie anywhere, at any time. 


This one hasn't changed. She's sweet as can be, loves babies and small children so much I just KNOW she's going to bless me with many grandbabies one day. She's crazy sometimes, shy sometimes, still balks at all the new and hard things. and is the best cuddler you've ever met, hands down. 

The only thing that might be off about her selfie game....well, the way she chooses to play it! Bwhahaha!

BCW - the baby. The rounder out of the crowd - the completer of the circle of our family. His personality can often be larger than life, his eyes speak volumes about how his mind is constantly at work, trying to figure things out. He's 100% boy, 100% baby, and 100% mine! 

This is our official update for 2019. I may be back soon.....or it could be 2020. Stay tuned to find out..... 


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