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Music To My Ears

When the school year began, the three oldest were wrapped up intensely in the amazing Christmas play we were blessed to take part in. Because of that, I didn't throw them all in to a great deal of music classes this school year. However, LM did get to join the beginning orchestra with our local homeschool music group . These pictures were taken at their Spring Solo and Ensemble competition. It just so happened that every new orchestra member this year wanted to play violin, which made for a nice beginners group :) LM loves music so much, and has not only a beautiful voice (she also had a solo singing entry in the competition), but picks up so much by ear when she plays :) My prayer is that she truly gives her talents to the Lord and lets Him guide her, as she uses those talents to praise His name!

6 Months In The Making

Guess what? We are still here!!! Wow! 6 months (give or take) flew by in a wink!   I miss blogging! Life has definitely kept us very busy, but I am determined to catch back up on my blogging, or at least just pick it back up where I left off! Just a quick update this morning, and maybe I can pop in here later and give a  longer one! I could not describe it any better than this! This has been our life for the last year and a half. From school our of state, to trips generally every other week, give or take, my husband has been away from home more than he's been home the last year and a half! It's a crazy life, a God-called life, and we love it, but it can wear on a person sometimes. That being said, we pray it is coming to a close this summer - not the military life, just the constant trips.  We should be settling back in to him working solely out of home base (for the most part) this summer, and we will welcome that normalcy to return. A peek at th