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Meet The Family!

I'd like to introduce you now to my family :) Since they will be filling up so much of this blog, in one way or another, I thought it would be a good thing to know who everyone is.....                                      First of all, THE husband!     I know this is a not-so-close picture, but it gives so much insider information to what he is all about! Meet Nick - husband of 10+ years, as of the start of this blog, and dedicated airmen in the USANG :)       Next in line is our firstborn, who I will affectionately call Little Mama - which is a wonderful description of her! Born just shy of two years after we were married, she is a joy to us and is *mostly* all girl!   A year after Little Mama came Little Hoss - a surprise, since we just *thought* we would be planning the timing of our children! BUT God proved us wrong, and I am so thankful. He is one of the sweetest little guys you will ever meet, who adores his Daddy and, without fail, makes sure I neve

In The Beginning

Well - I finally did it. For months now, I have considered starting a blog. I thought about the pros and cons. I love to write, love to review what has gone on during my day(s) and week(s). I LOVE to read other great blogs, of which I hope to figure out how to link to on here! I also have five children and a full time job as mommy, teacher (we homeschool - that in itself is a full time job!) and a wife to a wonderful husband and my best friend. In the end, I guess it came down to the fact that it wouldn't hurt to give it a shot. If I fall flat on my face - well, the good news is - no one will EVER see this post! So I can just forget it and move on. However, maybe it will take off. Maybe I can be an inspiration to someone, or just an encouragement along the way. So in this blog, you will find no gossip. You will find no pretending of a perfect life. Only facts - cold, hard truths about the good - the bad - yes, even sometimes the ugly! You might find encouragement one day from God&#