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Slower Days

After all of Monday's excitement and, in some cases (Buddy) sensory overload, we took it easy Tuesday and Wednesday. 
Tuesday morning started bright and early at 5 am with Buddy not feeling well. My biggest fear was that he had either caught a virus or brought a virus with us somehow, and the rest of our vacation would be called on account of... well... puke. However, after a couple hours of extra good sleep and finally getting him to eat, he began to perk up. I realized that the last sleep of Monday night and not eating didn't do well for him. So about mid-morning we did something I had been longing to do for years - 7 1/2 to be exact. I went back to my beloved commissary and got groceries :) 
The commissary was one of my favorite places when we lived here, and I knew I had to find some good reason to go there. So instead of getting any food we needed the day we got here, I waited so I could go grocery shopping on base. I am glad we did - the girls were able to find these be…

An upside down building and worms in your food....

Monday was such a fun day for us! Fun, but very, very loooooooooooong!
Note to self (and anyone reading who might be mistaken on this little factoid): When you usually wake up fairly early, this will not change on vacation. It doesn't matter what time you go to sleep, where you are, or how much you are supposed to be taking a break. You will still wake up at 5 am. 
Monday started with a trip to the most amazing, most FUN indoor museum! In fact, this one beats Ripley's hands down, if you ask me. 

Wonder Works Indoor Museum
We couldn't have picked a better kick start to our week. The best part was that among all the fun features were some education experiences, and even some fun introductions to different types of art!
I'll try my best to let the pictures do a lot of the talking.

The first room had some great science and history in it! In the picture above, Hoss is exploring what creates lightning. If you look in the background, you can also a display about the Titanic. …