We spent two days on the road getting to where we were going. 

The statement, "I'm going to stop  overnight because I don't want to drive after dark." was blown out of the water on Friday since the trip took so long, but Saturday the drive couldn't have been better. 

We crossed the rest of the great state of Alabama (I see Tom Hanks (Forrest Gump) in my head every time I say that) and moved toward our destination. By about 3:30, we finally made it!

Through the streaked-with-travel-dirt windshield, you can see it there at the top :) 

We are now in the great state of FLORIDA!!!! Warmer weather, here we came!!!
Sort of....

We (my husband and I) were stationed here for the first 5 years of our marriage. When you are active duty military, you make a lot of friends that end up going a lot of places. Rarely do some ever have the chance to go back, or need to, because by the time they might have a vacation to go back to familiar places, everyone else has moved anyway. BUT - we do have friends here still, so close they'd almost be family - from the church we attended while we are here, so on top of the vacation fun, I was looking forward to seeing them. On top of that, this vacation was going to be a very new experience for my children, since we have never actually been on one. It also provided a great distraction and a good time passer. I have found that when facing and dealing with a separation due to my husband's work, it's best if we find a few big things to mark the passing of time. That way we can stay busy focusing on them instead of worrying over time we spend without him. 

At any rate, we made it in. There isn't a whole lot to show for our first two days. We got settled Saturday and I realized my children were suffering from road-trip PTSD. Not a real thing, you say? You stick your five children in a Ford F-150 truck, smashed like sardines with pillows, blankets, and yourself, then drive for a total of 18 hours in two days, with one solid meal a day and snacks the rest of the time. Let them out for exactly 30 minutes, then tell them to get back in. I promise you, you will not have to pull your hair out - they will do it for you!

We were able to relax Saturday evening, though, and Sunday we were able to go to the aforementioned church and see so many old faces (to me - newer faces to them) and it was a real blessing! I considered putting Monday's events in with this post, but Monday really deserves it's own day. So I'll leave you for now, and look forward to re-capping what Monday brought us. 

Happy vacationing!


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