Slower Days

After all of Monday's excitement and, in some cases (Buddy) sensory overload, we took it easy Tuesday and Wednesday. 

Tuesday morning started bright and early at 5 am with Buddy not feeling well. My biggest fear was that he had either caught a virus or brought a virus with us somehow, and the rest of our vacation would be called on account of... well... puke. However, after a couple hours of extra good sleep and finally getting him to eat, he began to perk up. I realized that the last sleep of Monday night and not eating didn't do well for him. So about mid-morning we did something I had been longing to do for years - 7 1/2 to be exact. I went back to my beloved commissary and got groceries :) 

The commissary was one of my favorite places when we lived here, and I knew I had to find some good reason to go there. So instead of getting any food we needed the day we got here, I waited so I could go grocery shopping on base. I am glad we did - the girls were able to find these beautiful Asian fans, sold at a small kiosk by a lady who brought them to America from Thailand.

*excuse the messy background - we are on vacation, which means mama doesn't clean....much*

The look in her eyes tells all about Miss Priss' personality!

She is just beautiful. Absolutely beautiful, absolutely bias, absolutely right :) 

They have been having a ball with these fans, whipping them out whenever possible and play acting with them every time I turn around. I am hoping they make it back home in one piece. 

After we got home and everyone got a nap/quiet time, we hauled ourselves off to the beach. It was still a little cool, so we tried not to stay too long, but they all loved it and oh the shells we found. The massive amount of shells - it's almost ridiculous. Once again, the pictures say it best :)

Buddy actually took a little while to get used to the sand. He didn't mind it once he took his shoes off, but he didn't care for the feel of the sand in his shoes (flip-flops) at all!

It didn't matter how cold it actually was, or that the water sent a shock through your system - everyone had to get their feet wet, some even more than their feet!

We actually went down to Mexico Beach, which is past Panama City and past the Air Force base. A quiet little place, you can  park off the road and find the beach. We parked beside a restaurant that had a small play area for kids behind it. So while playing by the water, they would take a break now and then to go play on the slide and swings.

I just can't even begin to tell you how humbled I am at knowing that God gave us something so beautiful to enjoy. He doesn't need it, but He knew that not only would we need the ocean and all it's resources, but He made them beautiful to look at as well! 

This one was my favorite. My husband jokingly said that I should send this to AT&T because, my friends, we have their five bars of service. 

Hoss dredged the tide pools and got an overwhelming amount of sea shells that he was oh-so proud of and insisted I make sure to get a picture. What's funny about this picture is that in the background, you can see Buddy Boy. What you can't see is that he was actually trying to scoop up sand and throw it back in to  the water. :) 

I love the perspective on this one. I was actually trying to get a better shot of the helicopter flying overhead, but after I went back to check the pictures I saw LM down below waving and the huge expanse of sky between her and the helicopter. Amazing. 

We are having a blast here and I know I am already hating the thought of leaving and making that long drive back!!!!

On Wednesday it was rainy, rainy, rainy here so we did a lot of staying in. Around noon, though, the rain had all but broken up for a little while, and the kids were missing the library. Always pleased to hear them ask, I gladly obliged. We spent an hour or so at the library, enjoyed seeing a new library and different set up, but they definitely hated not being able to take home piles of books!

Having fun on the computers

LM decided she wanted to learn about Greek mythology, and read a little on Greek gods (I have never purposely exposed her to Greek mythology, because I wasn't sure that she could handle it. She has apparently read some on it before, because she already had an understanding of a little bit. I would highly suggest to always wait until your child is ready, because personally we know this belief system to be false) and then wanted  to find some books on learning to speak Spanish. She tends to float from one extreme to the other :)

Looking forward to telling you all about our zoo trip in the next post!


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