Reader's Review - My NO, NO, NO Day!

My NO, NO, NO Day!
Written by
Rebecca Patterson

This is the story of a little girl who has a BIG, BAD day!

Let's take a moment and be real and honest with each other - we ALL have these kinds of days! We just don't express them the way kids do. Starting with a bad start to the morning, her day goes from bad to worse....
(I can definitely relate to this picture! When all five kiddos go to the store with me, it's a busy time! And occasionally we are there longer than Buddy Boy can handle!) If you notice in the picture, all the other people in the aisle seem to be inadvertently staring at :that: mom with the screaming little girl - doesn't it seem like, even when the truth is no one is watching us at all, when our children are being loud it feels as if the whole store is staring at you as you do your shopping? Or is that just me.... :)    

The day continues to get worse, as social skills fly right out the window in the face of a grumpy mood, and nothing seems to be going right!


And the final straw! I've never had one roll around the floor, but I do have a couple that still vehemently refuse to be happy about bedtime most of the time!

A fact you might not know until now:
Little Mama is a VERY emotional girl. As in, she would cry - at the age of 2 - when she heard sad songs, even if the song just 'sounded sad' to her and really had nothing to do with something sad! At that point, I knew we were in for an emotion-filled ride with her! 
Which means that sometimes, she may not have a day like this one (she is, after all, almost 9 years old and can control herself better than this!), but by the end of the night she may be ready for the day to just be over and know that it's been a rough one. Which means that the conversation that you see played out below on one of the last pages of this book is very similar to some I have had with her before bedtime. Which makes it very sweet to me to see this in a book - a nice reminder to kids that sometimes bad days do happen, but that's okay because everyone has a bad one now and then! 

AND..... you will have to check the book out to see what the last page says!

I would have to give this book a 3 star rating. It is a very cute book, and while my children do like it when we read it, they don't go back to it as often as some of the others. The illustrations have a very kid-like feel to them, which are cute in their own way, but not something I would use the term 'beautiful' to describe - more like FUN - which fits the story very nicely.

I would, however, recommend this book as good one for anyone, especially because it does hit on a real emotion for anyone - we all have to learn to live with bad days as well as good, and it would be a fun way to wind down from just such a day with our children and help them see that it is OKAY to feel overwhelmed sometimes and that there are good and right ways to deal with it.


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