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Sssshhhhhh...... Learning in Progress!

It's been busy around our house, but not so busy on the blog!  I didn't realize until just now that three weeks went by in a *flash* without a blog post. Never take silence on the blog to mean that nothing is happening - it's just the opposite, actually. Usually, it means that everything seems to be going on, and when life gets busy, the blog is the first thing that seems to take the back burner.  I thought I would give a little update of what we are doing now, 7 weeks in to the school year. Unfortunately, I don't have many pictures. At our busiest times, when pictures would be wonderful to get, I can't stop to take them! I do have a few that I can pull together, though. Okay.... so a 'few' is relative :) This little Bug has been the source of a great deal of hair pulling  busyness! Where the older three children are doing really well staying busy and moving from one thing to the next now, she is NOT. She still wants to be right beside me, doin

Tot School - Yellow Week(s)

*LINKING UP TO TOT SCHOOL GATHERING PLACE* Finally - our Yellow Week post. Or, should I say, Yellow Weeks! We have been so busy the last three weeks. First, sadly, a friend of mine lost her 5 day old baby, so for a few days of our first week of Yellow, I was a little busier than normal with extra things pertaining to that. Then, the following week, my children decided to start coming down with some kind of virus. When you have five children, you almost wish they would just all be sick at the same time. It can make for a hectic couple of days, but when it's over, it's OVER! However, that was not to be this time. This virus decided to move slowly through the kids, one at a time, and linger for a couple of days - then back off - then hit a couple of them AGAIN! I am hoping that we have seen the last of it, but who knows?! Add normal busyness to that, and you can imagine our life around here! I tried a couple new things out this week with Buddy Boy, still trying to ge