Saturday, August 29, 2015


Although I wasn't present on the blog much over the summer, we actually have tried to keep up with some school related work. Or - maybe school related is too strong a word. We have been busy. That's probably more accurate.

My husband, who was gone the first half of the year, is now back every other week thankfully. The down side is, it will probably continue that way for the rest of the year, unless he gets longer orders to go elsewhere. I know that it's hard to understand a schedule like that if you aren't married to a man who is #1 In the military or #2 Travels for work. A LOT. 

We began school in August, slowly, as we tend to drift out of school sometime in May of every year and drift back in around the beginning/middle of August. At a time when everyone else is vacationing, we had already had our vacation (back in February) so we stayed busy at home base. I was very blessed this summer to acquire some new (to me) materials from the local Montessori school here, and also to buy a few things we needed. One of the biggest blessings were the complete bead cabinet beads, minus the cabinet. The color is off from the traditional colors that are sold. Apparently, these are old and I am not completely sure what company they came from. They would not work in a traditional Montessori classroom, and most homeschool parents buying them might not even like the color change. I knew it would only be a short adjustment for my bunch, and for a fraction of the price, they have more than made up for the change.

My tidbit today is just a sensorial blurb, showcasing Buddy Boy. He has a renewed interest in the Brown Stair and Brown Tower, now that he has the bead cubes to compare with them. One day, while I was working with another child or two, I turned around and he was working steadfastly to bring the brown stair and brown tower in and set it up. Then he brought in our bead cubes, and set them up. Then he went and got the individual bead bars, and put it all together. I love when something occurs to them without my help or prompting. When his brain is connecting without me needing to assist. So, without further ado and so much chit-chat on my end, here we have some not-so-great-in-quality pictures, because I had to shoot them quickly, to show what was in fact almost 40 minutes of working through what he was thinking about, moving the stair and tower around and bringing everything to where he wanted it. 

This was actually the last picture I took, after he made the vertical connection of the pink stair (except, ours is brown) and the bead cubes.

He worked fr a long time to make sure this was just how he liked it. It doesn't look like it should take very long, but in truth he had to concentrate and move very carefully to balance connected bead bars that tend to roll around. The one beads were especially difficult, and his determination was endless. 

Bug always tends to get in on the action, quite happy to try and get credit for something she didn't do. Or maybe she's just a camera hog. :) She was actually working on another project that we were preparing for, which I will share later - after we've completed it :) 

Few pictures this time, but just a quick insight in to what's going on and how we sometimes work in spurts, sometimes not as perfectly smooth as I'd like it to be, but right now, it's what works. :) 

Happy Homeschooling!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

I found this blog post......

I found this blog post in my drafts.... The title simply read:

 Momvggchby hi gyuggg

Apparently, one of my children found my phone and started a nice blog post for me. Which might be a sign that I haven't posted in a while. So while you enjoy this funny picture of Miss Priss in what she thought was a great idea for a hairstyle ( yes, she did that one her own, and yes there was a ton of hairspray in that holding it up, and yes my son is in the background with nothing but pajama pants and an undershirt *gasp*), I am going to get busy and get some blog posts worked on. I have missed blogging. I have missed sharing what's going on in our homeschool, and how so often our life in general intertwines with it! You can see some things in the background that I will talk more about later, like that AAS whiteboard and those labeled school boxes, 

This summer has been so busy for us, and the rest of the year doesn't look to be getting any slower. By now, though - I should be used to that. So I'm going to try to catch back up on what we've been doing, which may mean I have to go back and read the last post I did to figure out where I left off. :) But even now I realize it's dinner time, and my kids are still outside - and I can't hear them exactly well. Which may be good, or may mean...... 
Well, you get the point! 

Here's to more blog posts in the future!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Something Old, Something New, Something Bought, Something Blue

A story of a work that's old, made new for a child, revisited by another. 

These pictures were taken almost 2 years ago. This was the first time Bug demonstrated mastery of numbers and counters. 

Fast forward to this past week, new materials since then (the sandpaper numerals) and new child (Buddy Boy), work that's old (numbers and counters), and something blue - these nice $1 gems from the Dollar Store - the same in both the pictures above and below. 

Here is Buddy Boy and his first presentation with numbers and counters.

We are still working on visual recognition of the numbers, but I added this work in because I knew he would enjoy it, and that the visual representation would further aid him in seeing the difference. Without the  gems, 5 and 8 mine as well be the same - both have a circular motion in them, so seeing the gems helped. 

He did fairly well with this work. I was with him the entire time, as he is far from mastery still. 
After he was finished, Bug decided she wanted to do it again, Per her request, I caught some on video and thought I'd share. After the layout, I 'tested' her (though she didn't know to take it that way) to see if she remember the rule of even/odd. 

As soon as I stopped recording, she turned to me and announced that she noticed that every other number was even/odd. I think this may have been the first time she has noticed that - she knew the rule, but didn't put two and two together to see that it was a pattern in the numbers. 

So a work was both new and revisited, and I loved being right in the middle of it all, both observing and guiding! :)

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