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My Space Conundrum

Totally off the subject after all the vacation posts, and knowing there are a few more to come. Busy hit me at the door when we got home from vacation, and one of the biggest problems I have currently is this: No, it's not the issue of horrific lighting OR the fact that those shelves are empty. It's that they are in my bedroom for one, and for two - that's the total amount of space I have for anything school related. If it's hard to tell, the small shelf to the right of the overly large shelf is a 3-cube cubical shelf from a local home improvement store. My plan is to add a 6 cube shelf as soon as possible. This space lends itself to the need for some very good organizational planning to have what is needed out and yet still make it not seem too cluttered. I used to have a storage area in our old living room, behind a couch, and that made it easy to swap out materials. Now, though, all material not in use has to be kept in a storage unit, which means I have to