6 Months In The Making

Guess what?
We are still here!!! Wow! 6 months (give or take) flew by in a wink!  

I miss blogging! Life has definitely kept us very busy, but I am determined to catch back up on my blogging, or at least just pick it back up where I left off! Just a quick update this morning, and maybe I can pop in here later and give a  longer one!

I could not describe it any better than this! This has been our life for the last year and a half. From school our of state, to trips generally every other week, give or take, my husband has been away from home more than he's been home the last year and a half! It's a crazy life, a God-called life, and we love it, but it can wear on a person sometimes. That being said, we pray it is coming to a close this summer - not the military life, just the constant trips.  We should be settling back in to him working solely out of home base (for the most part) this summer, and we will welcome that normalcy to return.

A peek at the kids now, after all these months of growing and not showing up here on the blog! LM is as tall as I am, Hoss is closing in on her, Miss Priss and Bug still look like twins, and Buddy Boy is no longer qualified to be called anything but *one of the big kids*, although he is still my baby. And yes - he did have  that straw up his nose. He is, after all, still a boy, and a very silly one at that! 

LM and Bug recently started enjoying working together in the kitchen a great deal, and I'm going to tell you now - LM can cook! And bake! We all get to reap the rewards of that kind of practical life learning. Hoss is starting his 6th Spring baseball season, and Buddy Boy is starting his first year of T-ball - more pictures to follow of them playing at a later date, I promise. Miss Priss is keeping up on her toes - she is at a point in her life where each week brings a new goal, a new future career choice, and a new hobby*entrepreneurship that she wants to try. We just can't delve deep enough in to one interest before she moves on to another, so we wait for her to settle on something.

I can't possibly update you all on everything we've been doing in school, and I won't attempt to in the ten minutes I have to write this blog post. That will just have to creep in slowly. But I will give you a blurb - after all these years, we have finally started reading aloud in our home. I always read many, many books to my children when they were little. However, I didn't succeed in stepping it up as they grew. However, we have started reading time with *big books* and for the most part,  everyone loves it. The younger ones can sometimes be in a mood, and resist, but they eventually start to gain interest and then hate to see reading time finish for the day  just like the rest of us. We started with Ralph S Mouse and while the organizational part of me screamed to read all the books in that series, I broke it off and jumped to Farmer Boy, which will be followed by the Little House series. Unless, that is, I  go fickle again and jump to something else. The only problem with reading is that there are so many good books! And when I get to indulge in childhood favorites with the excuse reasoning that it's for the kids, I enjoy visiting old friends :) 

I hope as you all are probably getting ready to wind down  your school years and jump in to late Spring/Summer, you are having just as good a time (if not just as busy!) as we are!


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