A New Venture In Blogging

I have been patiently waiting to share my new venture in blogging with you, and the time is now!

Along with 29 other wives and mothers, there is a new blog in town,born of the idea from Sarah Avila at My Joy Filled Life. I can't tell you the honor it is for me to be a part of this blog, which focuses on large family living. Honestly, I never would have considered five children a 'large' family, although apparently it is to many others! I guess each child came one at a time, so it never felt 'large' to me. However, I am excited at the idea that maybe through the life we are blessed to have, with our family that God has given us, I might be used to be an encouragement to someone else.

I would love to have you come look at the new blog, which is set to launch June 1!

To find the blog, check out Fruitful Families at www.fruitfulfamilies.com.

To find Fruitful Families on facebook, go to Fruitful Families on facebook.

For a look at the Fruitful Families Pinterest boards, where every post that comes up will be pinned for the future, go to Fruitful Families Pinterest Boards.

Last, but not least, to subscribe to Fruitful Families by email, where you can get almost daily emails with new encouragement, and inspiration, and ideas, go to Fruitful Families Email Subscription.

Although the blog, and it's title, lends itself to the idea that this is a blog for large families only, please don't hesitate to stop in. Although the perspective might come from large families, the information you can read here is applicable for all families, small and large. I personally can't wait to start reading the other posts from other wives and mothers, in all walks of life, yet with this common bond between us. From the family just starting out, to the one deep in the trenches of motherhood with more things to do than her day has time for, to the mother who has watched her children grow up, homeschooled them, and now is seeing the fruits of her 'fruitful family' labors -there is bound to be something here for you!

I do hope you will stop in, read the posts, visit the facebook page and show you support with a like and a share, and do subscribe for emails! You never know what might come up that you will learn from, or get encouragement through!


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