School Days Highlights

I haven't taken as many pictures as I'd like the last couple of weeks, but here are a few that I managed to get during our work time. 

Bug was intrigued by cleaning the brown stair one day, and decided she would clean each piece while putting it together. 

She enjoyed it a little more than I expected. Here she is, checking her work a final time before putting it away.

This is the history that LM is divulging herself in lately. I had the CD's, but they weren't captivating enough for our children for some reason. The books, though, are LM's current favorites to read. As of right now, she's made it through this one entirely, and is working on Volume 1 (kind of taking a step backwards, I guess :) ).

Hoss is even enjoying reading more than he used to, which is good to see. He does still have a 'shut down' mode, however. When he *shuts down* he can read the words, have no comprehension whatsoever, and quickly gets frustrated. I have been trying to work on watching this with all my children, and make sure I can catch them before shut down occurs and messes the day up. 

Hoss was working here on articles. He still has some trouble trying to keep the rules of singular/plural separate from the rule of using *a* and *an* with vowels and consonants. I set up a basket with some small objects (nouns) and had some word cards with the articles the, a, and an on them. He has been reviewing the rules of each, working towards mastery.

LM LOVES to sew. I wish I had more time to teach her - when there aren't so many little feet around. Chances are, it's going to take some weekend time. However, she was able to cut out a makeshift pattern and hand sew a dress for her bear, a project she was very proud of :)

About two weeks ago, my oldest two - LM and Hoss - had state-mandated, standardized testing, which is why there aren't a ton of pictures of other work being done. We spent a lot of time that week making sure they were prepared for the way the test goes, filling in bubbles, and what can and can't happen - no getting up, no asking for help, yes, there will be questions you don't understand - it's done on purpose, don't panic, cry, get angry, etc. Oh, and SIT STILL :) What we did get to squeeze in was a lesson on making homemade biscuits. One day, after piano, their teacher (and a dear friend of our family) stayed late to teach Kirsten (and me!) how to make homemade biscuits. So we had an unexpected bit of practical life thrown in.

This is how much Bug really LOVED the biscuits.... Okay, so these weren't the greatest. But it wasn't the fault of the recipe so much as all the floury hands in the bowl. Too much flour, to be specific. The next time we had them, I made them myself, with  less extra flour to weigh them down, and the kiddos love them. I'd love to share the *recipe* but there really isn't one - it's a pinch of this, pinch of that, pour here and there and make sure it feels just right.

LM and Hoss had their first piano recital a couple days after their state testing, so that was also being prepared for. 

I don't have any new pictures to add from the last week or so. We have been very busy, and if you took a peek at the work journals, they are great story-tellers of what is going on. Truthfully, I just had a chance today to charge the  battery on my camera, so obviously pictures haven't been taken!


  1. Congrats for getting over that testing hump. It is a big stress maker.

    1. You are right - it is definitely a relief just to be finished with it - at least for another year! I guess because it's different than normal, though, the kids seem to enjoy it. Except having to sit still for so long - you could tell we were dealing with homeschoolers because every child that had to be at that particular test site was a homeschooler and they were definitely getting fidgety after about halfway through and ready to move around.


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