Contemplating Art in our Montessori(ish) Path

I have been contemplating the addition of Art in our routine. I will admit this has not been a strong point. I love crafty things, and I am always amazed by those who have an artistic bent, I do not [insert long sigh]. My original plan this year was to rotate composers to give a little music appreciation - that fell through within a couple months. Now that the kids are finished with their state-mandated standardized testing, I am trying to get that out of my head for a little while, renew my thinking for the next few months, and working on *continually* adding to the education of my children. 

I thought I would throw out some ideas, in hopes that maybe I could get some interesting input from any homeschooling (or even non-homeschooling) friends who might be keeping up with this blog. 

I wanted to give a broader scope of 'art' than just the go-to painting that is so often seen. Considering the definition of art (especially def #4a), there is so much more to it than that. I have a desire for them to at least get a modest taste of art in it's different forms, and help them to realize that there are some forms of art that they have already been exposed to, whether they realized it or not. 

My thoughts were to try to bring in a few categories, teaching them in tandem with each other. I don't want the same thing being learned and experienced from one week to the next. Here's my ideas:

1. Artist study - past and present
2. Composers/Classical Music
3. Poetry/Lyrical Song Writing
4. Kids Arts and Crafts
5. Woodworking

Artist Studies would, of course, tie in often to sculpture making and painting, as poetry and song writing will go hand in hand when they learn that many songs were started as poetry. I have even thought of introducing journalism in somewhere, although some may not classify that as an art form. 

I am open for suggestions - what do you do in your home to bring art into the 'curriculum', so to speak? Do you use a specific art curriculum package, do you make your own plan, do a little here and there? Or nothing at all?


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