The Human Body - In a Book!

I was out shopping at Sams here recently - by myself, I might add, since Sams is such a fun place for kids to go and it always takes twice as long. I always do a quick walk through of the book section and wanted to share something I was rather excited about finding for Life Science research in our home.

I love the Build-Your-Own Skeletons, and sets for constructing the human body, and the lovely way you can see how God made our bodies to fit together just right. It's amazing, isn't it? What wouldn't be so amazing is seeing Mr. Billy Bones in all his pieces if Buddy Boy decided to do his own research on how quickly he comes apart. :) There will come a day, and not too far in the future, where such a purchase will safely be put in our home. Until then, this book is a fantastic replacement!

A few samples of the goodies inside!

I really liked that it explained the Urinary System, without going in to too much detail into anatomy that we aren't ready to learn about just yet! ;)

As you can see in this picture, and even better if you click on the photo to enlarge it, as you turn the page, the particular system covered on that page separates from the rest of the skeleton. Perfect isolation of what is being covered, and these small pieces are held together with what resembles small zip ties, which is reassuring that it won't be ripped off/out easily.

I love the clear, easy to understand (and yet detailed and pretty enough to be an eye-pleaser, in my opinion) pictures through the book. 

So if you are like me, and not ready to commit to having a hanging skeleton in your room, tempting little hands to (*ahem*) explore, this is a wonderful solution. 

Here is the link for this on Amazon. I think I paid $11 or $12 for mine, and the price is about the same on Amazon, maybe a dollar or two better if you have free shipping through Prime!


  1. Great book find. We have a foam printed skeleton we got a couple of years ago. It fits together like a floor puzzle and is the approximate size of a 5 year old. My kids try to lay on it.

    In this other upper el class I once saw this torso model that had removeable organs and you had to figure out how to put them all back in place. Kind of creepy and kind of REALLY HARD. It took 6 adults to NOT put it back together.

    1. Oh, that sounds fun! Where did you find it? I have thought about that very thing - how hard it would be to be able to put a skeletal model together, especially if you add in the organs!

  2. Oh, and cool header change. I love the new pictures!

    1. Thanks! I got to thinking about it today, and the picture I started with when I started the blog would be 2 years old now, so I thought it was time to at least update it to one that was only ONE year old hahaha :)

  3. I've always liked these types of books, even when I was younger! The deeper level of interaction and engagement that the book offers adds to the intellectual stimulation delivered by the content, thus helping out as a motivation for learning. I gotta find more books like these! Thanks for sharing!

    Jan @

    1. My children have really enjoyed it, and it has made for some interesting conversations (and a lot of silly ones!). Thanks for stopping by Jan!


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