A Month Of School Days

I was browsing through my pictures and realized I have a few that were taken with the intent of a school days post, and just never shared. So I thought I would pull some together, and shove them all in the same post. This is just a smorgasbord of things we have done over the last month or so :)

Letter/Number Matching
Buddy Boy really enjoyed this game that Miss Priss created for him! She would go and hide the numbers/letters, and he would have to go 'seek' them and put them back in the right place.

I ordered a little something new for our shelves - *reminder to self*- check the dimension size of puzzles when you order them. As small as it is, they have actually really enjoyed working with this geometric shapes puzzle. 

Miss Priss is working through the subtraction memorization charts, although she isn't moving through them quite as fast as she did with the addition charts. She is beginning to get her hands in a few things all at once. 

In the reading book that we use as a base for reading lessons with Miss Priss and Bug, there are spelling hints to coincide with reading new blends, digraphs, etc. In the following pictures, the rule of "short vowel sounds = ck, long vowel sounds = ke" is shown. 

She actually made this transformation herself - I presented her with the word 'bake' and asked her the rule for it, and she took another blank word slip and used the reverse of the rule to make a new word. She has mastered this spelling rule, and has brought it up in conversations since. 

I made a wish list purchase of these natural wooden geometric solids from Learning Resources. I considered carefully whether I wanted to order the traditional Montessori Geometric solids, or the 6 piece set from Learning Resources, or this one (the 19 piece Learning Resources set). I really am glad I made this decision - I like the natural wood, and the variety of solids, in this set. 

Some exploration....

Some goofiness....

And some extension work (self-created). They had a lot of fun creating pictures from tracing the solids. 

Then Buddy Boy (a day or two later) wanted a lesson in the solids, so I gave him a three period lesson in identifying the cylinder, cube, and sphere. Afterward, (self-motivated) he compared some of the other solids to the ones he learned, visually made connection to the ovoid with the sphere, and tried his hand at seeing what would stand and what would not - hence the ellipsoid on top of the cylinder - that thing rolled off several times before he realized it just wasn't going to stay there!

I gave a lesson on the 'Four Categories of English Names' with LM, Hoss, and Miss Priss.

*sidenote - when you tell them that a name can be given due to description (i.e. John Tall, Bob Short, etc.) you may or may not have someone suggest their brothers name, followed by 'fathead' and laugh hysterically at how it sounds! True story... I won't tell you what he followed it up with...

Hoss is starting his fourth year in little league (church league) baseball. He has secured the position of catcher over the last couple of years, and does quite well at it!

"Who IS that masked man?"

These are just a few tidbits of what we have done that didn't get included in any particular post, and won't be needed for a future one.


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