Looking Back - A Look On The Year That Has Gone


Started this blog, had a blast in the snow, and did my first full and mini themes - Valentine's Day and President's Day

Had a blast doing some fun shopping for wish list items, two fun new games were born (the money game and pantry shopping), DIY play-dough and DIY Moveable Alphabet came in very handy for an Easter theme, and we spent LOTS of time at the library!

We had so many picture opportunities in May and June, including Spring Pictures, Mother's Day, and Baseball season! We also had an amazing weather unit, and some sensory fun with dyed rice and DIY sound bottles!

Summer came, and brought swimming, extra library trips, TONS of reading, fireworks, painting, and a mini-ocean unit!

We started the 2013-2014 school year in style, with half work days, park trips to ride the train, and bicycle riding. We also enjoyed new sensorial materials, a fresh classroom, a new little reader, TOT school (huge step!), and DIY experiences including a new hundred board and hands on science with milkweed plants.

November and December brought more TOT school fun, with yellow, green, orange, brown, pink, and purple weeks! We had new experiences with multiplication, addition and subtraction, and don't forget a little snow thrown in there! (6 inches - a lot for us down in the southern states, although your northerners might now be too impressed!). We also hit two wonderful milestones - my husband and I celebrated our 11th anniversary, and we finally got family pictures made, after five children and so many years!

We have had an amazing year, with many ups and downs, but so thankful that God kept us protected and safe through it all! As I look back, I can't believe how fast time has flown, and how excited I am to see what 2014 holds for us!

If you follow me, my prayer is that you have a wonderful New Years, that the holidays have been all you hoped, and that your new year is one that will bring many exciting challenges and amazing memories to last when even 2014 is gone!!!

Happy New Year, From Amy@No Greater Honors


  1. Love the Christmas photos! Great post. Have a great New Years - will continue to be a reader!

    1. Thank you so much! I am honored to have faithful readers, and hope to be a blessing this new year!


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