My Veteran Through The Years

I just have to take the time to pay a special tribute to my favorite veteran - my husband - through the years :)

Graduation from Basic Training
(I was in my senior year of high school!)

Tech School
(I was at home base, preparing for our wedding!)

The day of our wedding 
(11 years ago this December 14th)

TDY trip
(usually these were two week trips where he had to go work at another base in the US, while I stayed home :(   )

Graduation from Airman Leadership School
(after weeks and weeks of looooong hours of study, in which I had to help him learn about aircraft that I had NO clue the first thing about!)

F-15 flight
(an incentive offered to everyone when the schedule alloted for it)

The day he pinned on SSgt stripes
(staff sergeant - I just had to take a picture!)

Hoss' first haircut
(shows that some days, the uniform just stays on - it's a part of him!)

A great Daddy who has children that LOVE him!
(Throwback - this is when Little Mama was 2, and Hoss was around 15-18 months)

Afghanistan Deployment
(skip ahead several years, this is when he was gone for 7 1/2 months - we kept our Flat Daddy on hand! If you are a military family, or know one, this is a must have for deployments! He stayed in plain sight, sometimes one or the other of the kids slept with him - he even 'went with us' to Chick-Fil-A once!)

To all military - Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy, Coast Guard - every active duty family, National Guard, and Reserve - I hope you have a wonderful Veterans Day! If you know someone that is a veteran - take a minute and tell them today how much you appreciate and love them! When you see that old, wrinkled face underneath the black veteran's hat - it's okay to stop and say 'Thank You' - you will most likely make their day!

Happy Veterans Day!!!!


  1. Such a beautiful tribute! Very special<3

    1. Thanks! It was very fun, and a bit nostalgic, looking through all the old pictures to find these. :) Thank you for stopping by!


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