Neglect - such a dirty 7-letter word...

It's really awful. She's been neglecting her blog.

No, that's not really what's happening. We are just so busy with school and life! The very thing I started a blog to cover has kept me busy! I just felt the need for myself (and anyone else that cares out there, but mostly for myself) to say that I am still loving being able to blog, and sometimes it just means playing catch up after a couple weeks. 

I have found that trying to overly focus on catching pictures of everything we are doing can sometimes overshadow actually doing them. So I grab one if I can, but I want to make sure I keep my focus where it's supposed to be. 

That, and the fact that I am starting to work on an at-home business (Plexus) and that has taken some time working that in to my schedule. 

Sometimes, things get a little crazy around here.... 

But what I love is this:

Lunch dates

I love seeing the light come on when a child learns to read. 

I love seeing the personal desire to learn something  when it's their OWN idea, not just mine!

I love seeing them be more than just siblings, but also friends.... 

I love getting to make these memories with them, at times when some parents can't.

Sometimes I can catch them on camera, but sometimes - I just have to put down the phone and do life! 

I am hoping as you read this, that you can understand :) 


  1. Awesome! :D
    One question. Is Bug or Ms.Priss (I couldn't tell which one. haha) learning sign lanaguage in the 4th pic?

    1. That is Miss Priss :) She and Hoss really like to 'talk' to each other in ASL when they can - and she also likes to try and learn more than he knows. :)


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