If You Build It, They Will Come....

Week 5 - Part II

I posted some on what was going on in week 5 in my last post. It was too long, though, to go in to some extra fun, and this post will really be mostly extra fun that we have had going on.

Enter Floam foam:

A good friend of our family brought some goodies one day towards the middle of week 5, and one of them was a package of floam/foam beads. They LOVED playing with this, and it ended up being a fun mini-oceanography project, making a coral reef.

Yes, that IS a large octopus and snake!

We talked a little about camoflauge, and how it helps the fish/animals that live among the coral. 

Can you find the fish???

Here's what's new in our world during week 6:

They have come to take over our world.....

and they have succeeded!

 Birthday time for us is at a maximum in September, with 3 birthdays, 2 of which fell in week 6 of our school year. Hoss and Miss Priss have hit a Lego revolution with their free play time, and I have to admit - I'm kind of enjoying it. It's a good time (as long as the Legos aren't underfoot!). The only downfall - Buddy Boy. He'll have to get his own Legos at Christmas (or possibly sooner) or he's going to drive them all crazy. 

They have been building, working on following directions to a 'T', and getting creative. I guess you could call it early architecture/engineering, if you wanted to get detailed about it.

Whether it's Legos or Foam, I like to call it tricky learning - in that, they are learning while they think they are just playing.


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