It's been quiet....

Well, it's been quiet on the blog, that is. Usually, when it's quiet on the blog - it's anything but here. However, a lot of it has not been in the school room. Which  might be because we currently don't have a school room anymore! Our house has been in a state of transition this past week, which has resulted in not a lot of school time, or time to take pictures and blog about all the things we haven't done! We have moved our materials, and shelves, out of what was our school room, and converted it back in to a dining room - it was just too necessary to have one. I have also found that our children loved having things all together - they would choose their work.... and then migrate back in to the living room or other parts of the house to do their work. So our room had just become a holding tank for all the shelves and materials. 

We have been working on reorganization this week, as well as some bigger changes around our house. I will do my best to get a post out by Monday on all that has gone on this week. In the mean time, if you are reading this, and following me, I wanted to give an update so I didn't seem to be disappearing!


  1. Good luck with your re-arrange! I know how tough it can be to dismantle and re-organize, especially with kids under foot. But once everything has found its new home you will feel refreshed, re-energized and ready-to-go. Can't wait to see what you've done!

    1. Oh, I hope so! Quite frankly, it looks like Montessori has thrown up all over the place and I have a job and a half cleaning up! The good news is, I might be able to sneak in MORE shelf space this way! :) I am fixing to hop over and read what you've been up to - looking forward to it! Thanks for stopping by here!


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