Christmas Break

We had so much fun over Christmas break!

Riding our local train through the park, which is a Christmas wonderland every month of December!

Lots of Christmas morning surprises!!!!

A few non-Christmas shots:

I found these water beads at the Dollar Tree one day while out shopping. The intention was actually for them to be scented beads to make your home smell nice and inviting - but this is what happens when you are a Montessori mama. What you see is not always what everyone else sees. The minute I saw these, I knew they were made for the perfect sensorial activity. They also ended up being a great diversion on a busy day before Christmas, when Buddy Boy was especially mischievous. The scent combined with the fun kept him busy in the bathtub for at least an hour, maybe more! I was also able to rescue most of them and use them a couple more times before tossing them. Not bad for $2. 

Hoss also got a few lego sets (or the equivalent thereof), and we were up to our elbows in lego pieces one day with his cousin, Big Z, putting together a helicopter and Army tank. He was excited because what boy wouldn't love Legos, I was excited because of all the fraction extensions I can use them for down the road (I'm in a sad state - I can't get educational opportunities out of the back of my mind!)

Hah - one last one. Little Mama loves to piddle around with hand sewing (she is anxiously looking forward to learning to machine sew). and used some scrap material and ribbon to make a hat. It was actually supposed to be for Bug, but Buddy had it on. Kind of looks a little gnome-ish.....

If you look in the above picture, you can see a bit of me sitting on the couch. That's been a big chunk of my time, this past week especially. Along with my Well Planned Day planner - a timely Christmas gift - I am preparing for the second semester of our 2014 year! I am excited at the possibilities, while trying to remind myself of the reality that many times everything I plan doesn't always happen. :) That's okay, though - I am pumped for a great beginning to 2014 and I hope if you are reading this, you are as well!


  1. We LOVE the Christmas train! We drive ten hours down to visit our family there every year for Christmas, and that train, story time at the library with the lady who was children's librarian when *I* was a child, and driving by the most amazingly decorated house ever are some of our favorite Christmas traditions. I don't even know what we'd do if we stayed home one year!

    1. Isn't it amazing? We go to the Christmas house that is decorated as well! :) And I can't say enough good things about the library! I believe I know who you are talking about (the librarian) and she was there when I was a girl, too! So glad you stopped by my little blog!


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