Reader's Review - Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon

Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon

Written by:
Patty Lovell

  Illustrated by:
David Catrow

This is a whimsical tale of a little - very very little - girl that learns to overcome circumstances that she can't change, in a very fun way! 

She learns to over come teeth too big, a voice too froggish, a slight bit clumsy at times, and - most dramatic of all - a move away from the sweet grandmother that was such an encouragement to her. 

I really love the beauty of the illustrations - they have a fun look for the children, without compromising the fact that they can have a beautiful air about them.   

Through every trial that she faces, and all the new experiences she comes in contact with, she never forgets her grandmother's wise advice, and finds in the end that grandmother was right - if she just embraced the things she had no control over and used them to make herself an enjoyable person, everything that could be perceived as bad, turned to good :)

And in the end, we find that the voice of wisdom.... 

 ...was also the voice of experience.

Not only is this a very cute book, but can lead to some wonderful conversation between your children and yourself. Being homeschooled, my children won't face some of the same criticism that a public school child may possibly face at such a young age as others. But one day, they will in life find someone that will voice an opinion that may or may not be the sweetest about something in their life that they have no control over. It may be outward appearance - it may be circumstance. Regardless, there are always things we can't change, even if we want to very badly. This book lends a great starter to talking to our little ones about just that - and reminding them, God made them the way they are for a purpose. We may not always know why - we may not always understand. The 'why' may not show itself until much later in life. 

However, we can take the proverbial 'hand we are dealt' (to coin a phrase) and decide for ourselves if we are going to let it rule us, or if we are going to - with God's help - rule it.

I would definitely give this a 4-star rating. For the story itself, and the lesson it teaches, it's wonderful. It has not been one that has been returned to time and time again, and gotten worn out with reading yet, but the kids DO like hearing it. 

I would recommend at least borrowing the book from your library, if they have it, to experience the story together once. 


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