Reader's Review - Night House, Bright House

Night House, Bright House

written by:
Monica Wellington

This is another one that is very well loved, and has seen better days, yet still lives on in our list of favorites!

This is a fun, rhyming tale that takes reading over and over again to see everything within it's covers.

What you have to look closely for is to see what the book is ACTUALLY talking about, with all of it's rhyming innuendos put in about different things that are happening in this colorful little house :)

I really didn't want to reveal too much about this book, because there is just so much. What I love is, of course, all the rhyming matches you can find in it. This would be a GREAT book to buy/borrow when working on teaching rhyming. Not only are they hearing the rhyming words, and picking them out by hearing the ending sounds that sound the same, but they also get to find the things in the pages. For example, in the above picture, when it says ' "Hush," said the brush. ', they can look through the picture until they find the brush and point out the object, which is really fun for my children, anyway - and I'm sure for others as well!

This would go wonderful with a set of three part cards, or some fun matching cards that match the action with the object, and if I knew how to make them, well, that would be great and I would definitely share! :( However, I don't have the first clue how to make them, nor the program with which to do so. Someday I really need to learn to do more fun things like that with my computer, but by the time I have the time - I may not need them anymore! :) Anyone who wants to throw in good advice, or point me in the right direction of how THEY started making fun little things to use with their school is more than welcome!

This book gets a a 5 star rating, solely based on the interest shown by the kids. Bug really likes to read this with me, and tell me the parts she has memorized - she remembers them by looking at the pictures, of course - not reading them!   

The illustrations definitely have a kid-friendly look to them, and although it's not my personal favorite in style, they have some wonderful bright colors and when you put those together with some very busy scenes in the pictures, it make for a very good detail work in trying to locate different things that each page talks about.They  have to look VERY carefully! 

As I said earlier, I would recommend this book, especially for someone who is introducing/working through rhyming, and if you have a child that may be struggling with rhyming words!   


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