Sharing a Giveaway from LMN!

Just wanted to do a quick share of a great giveaway at Living Montessori Now! In celebration of her third Blogiversary, Deb is hosting yet ANOTHER giveaway! KHT Montessori has sponsored a full 12 month online course, PLUS all 12 albums, an estimated retail value of $315!

For those of you who already have albums, this might not appeal to you, but for someone like me, WOW! The need for the albums alone in my house is incredible, but to also have the blessing of the online course, however - that is almost more than I could hope for! Within my five children, we fall in both the primary, and lower elementary categories, and upper elementary isn't far away!

By lots of observance, that isn't too hard, because what I am fixing to say is very plain to see - switching from Traditional to Montessori has absolutely been one of the HARDEST things I have ever attempted in my homeschool. I refuse to quit - I believe the Montessori method was a big answer to prayer as my children got older and I started seeing some problems and new circumstances creep into our daily routine.  That does not mean it has been easy, however, not on myself or my older two children who are so used to something so diffferent.

To win these would be wonderful for me, but I wanted to share the opportunity with anyone who might be reading this and could use the courses and albums just as much I could! :) 

So skip on over to Living Montessori Now's giveaway post and enter today to win! If you happen to be the winner, I'd love to hear from you in the comments after the contest is over!


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