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Well it's finally happened - my blog has joined the 21st century :) I finally got around to opening up a facebook page! I debated whether to do this or not for quite some time, but decided that if someone was truly LOOKING for me on facebook, I wanted to make it accessible to be found. 

Honestly, I didn't want to do this at first. One of the reasons is because I didn't start a blog as a kind of popularity contest - I'm not a business, or out to reach a certain number of viewers. How many people see, or like, my blog or facebook page is not of MAJOR importance to me. I started the blog as a way of reaching out to others - first of all, because it is a blessing and honor to be able to teach my children, and I thank God for it. I also have received so much encouragement and great ideas from other blogs that share their ideas and daily routines, and it has helped me greatly in beginning my Montessori journey. 

So I wanted to pay it forward, so to speak - so that people know that I realize the opportunity to be able to homeschool is from God and couldn't work without Him, and maybe - just maybe - I can be a blessing to some other homeschool mama that may be looking for the wisdom needed to give her children the education she desires to, even if it means I am just the 'middle man' to point others to greater blogs than mine.

So after much ado, I am on the facebook map under the name, No Greater Honors! I will try to keep my post updates and great ideas that I find for homeschooling there - so if you are interested, look me up, like the page, and we can share ideas together! Also, if you find a good idea, feel free to share on my FB page so that others can see it as well!   


  1. Congrats on your page Amy! Wanted to say thanks for the play-doh information below as I'm going to attempt this with my 2 year old after the Holiday. Your family is simply adorable and I wanted to invite you to our Easter Basket Showcase link party this Thursday the 28th. I'd love to have some crafty moms like yourselves link up to show off their Easter baskets or any easter decor!

    1. Thank you so much Sarah - you are too kind! I hope you enjoy the playdoh - it is SOOO easy to make. I think in about half an hour I had four balls of it finished, but I also have a lot of hands vying for some play dough - you may not have to make quite so much if you have fewer children to play with it! And thank you, as well, for the link up invite! I will definitely try to make that link up party :)


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