Let's Call It a Snow Day!

                   I mean, really - who could work all day in this???


Where we live, it doesn't ALWAYS snow, so when it does come, it's best to take advantage of it. So we worked until about noon, and then decided it was a soup and snow ice cream type of day. So we trecked outside to get snow.

Since I don't actually have personal experience making it on my own, there was no one better to call than Nana (my mother), who was actually already thinking about doing the same thing.                                 

                    My masked man! Buddy Boy just had to try on his brother's face mask. 

  I thought it was funny that when I told her to smile, you could see the smile through the mask.  

The kids helped me to get snow, and we only had to filter out one good handful that Bug decided to pick up with her hands - all the way down to the grass. :)

     After that, who could resist a little bit of play before coming in for soup?

                  And THIS is the final result of our snow gathering:

So now, for the directions on how to make this delicious, creamy treat.

2 cans Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk (or plain evaporated milk)
1 tbsp vanilla for each can of milk
* If you use the sweetened condensed milk, this is all you will need.
* IF you use the plain evaporated milk, you need to slowly add sugar until it tastes just a little bit too sweet.
Then slowly begin adding the sugar, one large scoop at a time. 

Initially, stir with a whisk, breaking up any large chunks of snow. Eventually, it will become too thick, and then you have to trade the whisk for a large spoon. 

It is absolutely one of my favorite treats in the winter time, and a family tradition for us!

We had a wonderful snow day! What do you do when it snows where you live? Stay in and have school as normal, or make exceptions and enjoy the weather?         


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