Tot School - Green Week

(2 yrs, 9 months)

The last couple of weeks we have been working on the color GREEN!

I'll give you a quick look at his trays, then give a few fun action shots and talk about what we had fun with, and what wasn't touched quite as much.

GREEN Sensory Bin
GREEN poms
GREEN gems
GREEN gel ice cubes
GREEN miniatures, snakes, dinosaurs, etc.
GREEN wooden sandwich pieces from our Melissa and Doug sandwich set
GREEN foam hands
GREEN puzzle pieces from a wooden shapes puzzle
GREEN light up ring
GREEN stretchy key chain
GREEN Toy Story dinosaur (gotta love Rex)
GREEN frogs
GREEN bear family counters

Our green book - this time, I didn't turn it into a book, but rather left the cards separate. 

Green bowling.

Green lacing sneaker and green shoelace

Green My First Crayola crayon - I took this before putting it on a tray with some blank paper. However, this is the only picture you will see of this little guy, as he didn't draw much attention this week.

One to One correspondence

Green magnet tray

Here is Buddy checking out his green book cards. He enjoyed laying them all out the first time, seeing all the different pictures - he loved the frog and broccoli the best - and enjoyed grabbing the small frogs from the sensory bucket and matching them with the green frog picture. He also liked taking the flashing green frog ring and shining it on all the pictures. However, he didn't choose this much past the second day.

I changed up the basket we had been using for his sensory basket for this one - it's the same sensory box we have used for many other things in the classroom. Because of the small green gems in the sensory box, I wanted one with a lid on it this time. 

He LOVED this light up green frog - I found it around Easter time at the Target Dollar Spot with some other sensory items.

This had nothing to do with green week, except that it's a new item in our classroom and Buddy Boy loves it! Some friends gave us this new globe, and it's actually a Leap Frog electronic globe, that shoots out fun information and learning games with it, but I haven't put batteries in it yet. That has no stopped Buddy, however, who loves his 'globey', as he calls it :) .

I resurrected the blue bowling, this time making it green bowling! :) At first, he just built huge towers of blocks, but after a couple days, figured out what the intended use was with a little bit of me playing with him. Then, he was off to bowling and he loved it! He wanted me to play with him, but his definition of playing with him was for him to stand the 'pins' up and knock them over, and me just to hold the ball. Four small spiky balls were kept in the small green box on his tray, along with ten tiny pins (three of four unifix blocks make a great size!)

There he goes, lining things up again. He does this All. The. Time. - both in 'school' and out, during play time around the house. The organizational part of his brain enjoys this, I guess.

Who's up for a little mid-school stretch? Actually, he got excited one day, and every time he knocked all the bowling pins down, he would lean back and stretch this way and laugh. Pretty goofy guy, this little man is... 

The magnet tray got about as much attention as the green book cards did - I managed to get this picture taken one day, although he was actually mixing numbers and letters up, and singing the ABC's while he touched each of the numbers.

*Total Concentration*

That was our Green week! I wasn't able to get a picture of EVERY work being used, but most were many times, with the exception of the coloring. I hope you've enjoyed looking through the fun we had, and would love to see what you and your tot are doing!


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