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Looking Back - A Look On The Year That Has Gone


JANUARY AND FEBRUARY Started this blog, had a blast in the snow, and did my first full and mini themes - Valentine's Day and President's Day

Had a blast doing some fun shopping for wish list items, two fun new games were born (the money game and pantry shopping), DIY play-dough and DIY Moveable Alphabet came in very handy for an Easter theme, and we spent LOTS of time at the library!

We had so many picture opportunities in May and June, including Spring Pictures, Mother's Day, and Baseball season! We also had an amazing weather unit, and some sensory fun with dyed rice and DIY sound bottles!

Summer came, and brought swimming, extra library trips, TONS of reading, fireworks, painting, and a mini-ocean unit!

We started the 2013-2014 school year in style, with half work days, park trips to ride the train, and bicycle riding. We also enjoyed new sensorial materials, a fresh classroom, a new little reader, TOT school (huge step!), and DIY experiences including a ne…

Tot School - Pink and Purple


Seeing as how these are such 'girl colors' (yes, in our house, they are still girl colors! We have enough girls that we have never had to tell our boys that they are girl colors - they figured it out on their own!), I wasn't sure how much Buddy was going to enjoy these colors.

In fact, oddly enough, I had the least of all for these colors, I think. I had a little of this, and a little of that, but nothing that screamed out for much creative genius in tot trays. So we went a little simple with the ideas - things that were easy to put together, which is a good thing since life seems to be extremely busy for us here lately.

Here are the trays:

Pink and Purple Sorting

Pink and Purple One-To-One correspondence - hand transfer

Pink and Purple puzzles: Purple Grapes and a Pink and Purple Elephant

Pink and Purple Sensory Bucket: Pink Scoop - Target Dollar Spot Pink Cup - Dollar Store Pink Flowers - I honestly can't remember where these came fro…

On Hiatus..... Temporarily!!!

So I have been totally MIA from the blog lately. I haven't written anything, haven't kept up with my  normal reading, and have barely begun to draft ONE tot school post. Life sometimes just smacks you in the face, doesn't it? I have never wanted to take an 'unschooling' approach at all, because I feared that just wouldn't be enough, and yet we've done so much more *life school* the last month or so than usual. I don't know where it started, or exactly when - I just realized last week that it had been probably three + weeks since we have had a completely productive day in our actual lesson plans.
*whew* Now that I've gotten that confession out of the way... Enter the unplanned unschooling that has gone on during this unplanned break. 
Little Mama declared a few days ago that she knew what decimals were all about, since she understood money, she knew what half of 7 would be, because half of $7 was $3.50, so half of the number '7' would have to b…