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Something Old, Something New, Something Bought, Something Blue

A story of a work that's old, made new for a child, revisited by another. 
These pictures were taken almost 2 years ago. This was the first time Bug demonstrated mastery of numbers and counters. 

Fast forward to this past week, new materials since then (the sandpaper numerals) and new child (Buddy Boy), work that's old (numbers and counters), and something blue - these nice $1 gems from the Dollar Store - the same in both the pictures above and below. 
Here is Buddy Boy and his first presentation with numbers and counters.

We are still working on visual recognition of the numbers, but I added this work in because I knew he would enjoy it, and that the visual representation would further aid him in seeing the difference. Without the  gems, 5 and 8 mine as well be the same - both have a circular motion in them, so seeing the gems helped. 
He did fairly well with this work. I was with him the entire time, as he is far from mastery still.  After he was finished, Bug decided she w…

School days - May 2015

If an unclear picture bothers you, I apologize in advance. I definitely never started blogging because I wanted to showcase my perfect picture taking abilities. 
Here recently we have started something a little new. We are going to try it out over the next couple of months and see if it works well. You may have read in this post before about our expectation cards. They do work very well, but right now we are working with a little less space and a busy schedule - baseball, summer coming up, and I'm still the only adult here to get all the other non-school things done. So in an effort to streamline each day of school and be able to add in all the summer fun that is coming in a few weeks, we are going to one subject a day. For their expectation cards right now, I printed out a card for each day except Friday. Monday is math, Tuesday is grammar, Wednesday is language/spelling, and Thursday is history. I listed every thing that might apply to them now or in the future, and their job i…

To all the supermamas out there.....

You don't have to feel like super woman. In fact, chances are you - usually, you don't. That's okay, though. You don't have to. Your children already think you are. 

With Love - 
Amy@No Greater Honors