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Alphabet Egg Hunt

I thought I would share the pictures from our egg hunt that we did today, to finish up our Easter theme. I have to say, this just goes to show that kids really don't have to have candy inside an egg to be excited about finding them. My children HAVE done candy/egg hunts, so I wondered if they would be let down by just eggs with no fillers, but I was very wrong!

I had them all go in one of the bedrooms, while I hid all of the eggs.

After hiding them in various places in the main part of our house, I laid the tray (just a cookie sheet from the dollar store) on the table as a place to put their eggs when they returned them. I also laid out our moveable alphabet as an added mini-challenge - they had to bring the egg back to the table, find the correct matching letter, and then return it to the tray.

After a few rounds of hunting and finding the eggs and matching with our alphabet, I made it a bit more challenging. I had previously sat down with them, before we began, and had everyone exa…

Easter 2013

FINALLY getting around to getting this post up. Before I go into the fun little things I added to our shelves this week, I want to say that I absolutely think the focus of Easter should be on what Jesus Christ did for us. I don't mind having fun with my children, but we don't go overboard with Easter in a commercialized way - that drives me crazy to see so many people use ANY holiday just as a means to make more money.

As most of you that have read the posts on my blog, Montessori is relatively new to me. Thankfully, there are so many good resources in the 'blogosphere' (okay - I admit, that word still rings odd to me!). I am at a point now where I think I have the basics down as far as what I would like to see happen with our homeschool, and know where to go for quite a bit of information that I need to make that happen.  No way on Earth do I have anything mastered - I am always learning, and probably will be until the last child graduates! What I am trying to swing my…

Pantry Shopping

The kids initiated a creative 'work' for their school several months ago, which has led to quite a bit of food showing up in unexpected places!

like here....

and here....

Introducing the 'shopping game'. Like I said, this was NOT my idea at all. Before the money game ever made it's appearance, we had this work on our shelves. The first thing to happen was for at least two, if not three, of the kids to go find anything, from a baby doll stroller (top pick!) to a Disney Princess tea cart, and load it up with groceries. Not pretend groceries, mind you - real food! My pantry and fridge were open territory for them to buy whatever they wanted. The freezer was put off limits rather quickly, though - no thawing out meat allowed during this game!

I had found this great magnetic money from the Dollar Tree, which was initially used with the small slips of paper shown below and a magnetic cookie sheet. The point then was for the person using it, mainly Hoss at the time, to draw a…

In Case You're Looking...

Well it's finally happened - my blog has joined the 21st century :) I finally got around to opening up a facebook page! I debated whether to do this or not for quite some time, but decided that if someone was truly LOOKING for me on facebook, I wanted to make it accessible to be found. 

Honestly, I didn't want to do this at first. One of the reasons is because I didn't start a blog as a kind of popularity contest - I'm not a business, or out to reach a certain number of viewers. How many people see, or like, my blog or facebook page is not of MAJOR importance to me. I started the blog as a way of reaching out to others - first of all, because it is a blessing and honor to be able to teach my children, and I thank God for it. I also have received so much encouragement and great ideas from other blogs that share their ideas and daily routines, and it has helped me greatly in beginning my Montessori journey. 

So I wanted to pay it forward, so to speak - so that people know …

Homemade Playdough

My children love homemade playdough!

You can find the recipe here, and some great tips for enjoying it here at counting coconuts   , here at 1+1+1=1, and here and here at Living Montessori Now. That's just a few to scrape the surface of the many great things you can use playdough for. We have a great way to keep our playdough, and I hope to get that post up soon.

Since I was making some new balls of dough today, I figured I would just take a few pictures and make a 'pictorial' of sorts :)   

                                   Gather your ingredients

                                          1 cup flour

                                       1/2 cup salt

                                          1 tbsp oil

                                   1 tbsp cream of tartar

                                             1 cup water

                      Your choice of color/flavor varieties 

 * I used kool-aid packets this time, in lemon-lime, strawberry, lemonade, and a berry flavor, to have gre…