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New DIY Hundred Board And A New Reader!

My latest DIY: Our solution to the Hundred Board: I had a  free printable hundred chart from Livable Learning  on our shelves last year, that we only used briefly because the interest in it was very little. Miss Priss used it some in the end of the year with glass gems to work hand-in-hand with the tens boards, but never was extremely interested in either, to be honest with you. This year, though, she asked about the hundred chart on her own about the second week in, and I spent a few days trying to think of a fun way to re-create it to be more like the  Montessori Hundred Board . So far, this is the best I've come up with, but I think it just may work!  I had already laminated the hundred chart, so I cut each number square out, making 100 tiles. Then, using velcro (I found a pack at Walmart that has 80 small rectangular pieces, and then cut them in half again to be the right size to go behind my chart. (Note - the printable that I used from Livabl

Weekly Re-Cap

I am going to attempt to do a weekly re-cap once a week of what we have been doing. By attempt, I mean - it probably won't be once a week, or possibly even on the same day of the week, but an effort at sharing atleast every other week in order to keep myself accountable! We are always working on something, but not always  at the same time that I have my camera handy! We have been quite busy this past week! We dove head first into grammar a couple weeks ago, and have tried to keep it going at a good pace! Last year I spent a great deal of time trying to learn how grammar was taught in Montessori, so the materials themselves didn't come out until this year. Just last week I made our grammar control chart for the symbol/part of speech and a quickly made noun family to hang at eye level near our grammar farm. (Don't laugh - I know my noun family drawings probably look a bit weak - I am NOT an artist! You can see how stick figures go with me.... :) This just

Tot School - Week 3 - Blue Week!!!

Linking up to: Tot School Gathering Place Living Montessori Now - Montessori Monday Week 3 of Tot School - BLUE WEEK!!!  Buddy Boy is 32 months old *warning - huge  photo dump ahead!* I decided to wait until the end of the week to do out tot school post, to give myself more time to take pictures. The following is what happens when I do that: Our BLUE trays are: My First Crayola Markers   (in blue) with dot sheets basket Lacing Basket One to One/Fine Motor Skills - tongs Our BLUE Sensory Basket BLUE Unifix cubes   BLUE stretchy key chain (very stretched out at this point, since Buddy Boy decided to see how far he could make it go) BLUE plastic seahorse (from a fishing set that someone got at the dollar tree - the fishing set has long been broken - imagine that! :) ) BLUE dinosaur BLUE  magnetic numbers  (not the exact ones, but close enough!) BLUE  bear family counters BLUE shoe - from our miniatures collection BLUE p