Tot School - Week 2 of Red Week

We are LOVING tot school over here!

I decided to do two weeks for the color red, because Buddy Boy was having a little trouble still picking it out right away. If we gave him a red object and asked him it's color, he would say RED, but if we put two objects together and asked him which one was red or prompted him to find the red one, he wouldn't always get it right, and sometimes he called objects that weren't red, RED as well - so I could tell he needed some more time. I think by the end of this week, he should have it pretty firmly in his mind. 

We kept most of the same trays, but there were a couple changes, so I thought I would share them.

These pictures are not actually of him working with our trays - he wanted to to work with the knobless cylinders this morning first thing. I just thought it was interesting that one of the sets he chose to work with was the red set.

This is a look at where his tot trays go in our living room.

The first tray he chose was a new one. I removed his button snake work due to a lack of interest, and replaced it with this. I took plain printer paper, cut in fourths, and put small black dots all over with a permanent marker. Then I put his My First Markers (from Crayola) in the basket with the paper. The point was to put a red dot on top of each small black dot. He missed his target about 99.9% of the time, but really enjoyed scribbling around with the marker. I put quite a few sheets in his basket, and he used three or four before the morning was over.

He really enjoyed playing with the marker itself, also, and putting the 'red shoes' back on and taking it for a walk around the table (countless times!)

His other new tray was a play dough mat (printed from somewhere online, but I can't remember where now). There is a place for the child to use play dough to make petals for a flower, and apples for a tree, but we used pom poms instead (RED of course!). He didn't initially choose this tray on his own, but when I showed him it was there and prompted him to try it, he really enjoyed it and made the flower several times, although it didn't always look like your traditional flower. He also decorated the tree in his own unique way with 'apples' and gave us a chance to do a little counting.

Other than that, everything else is still the same. His favorite is STILL the sensory basket, and his favorite part is STILL the small erasers that look like balls. Most of our school time is spent rolling them and throwing them back and forth to each other, over and over and over! I think by the end of the week I will be more than ready to move on to a new color!

In other news - as you can plainly see, all the pictures are taken in pajama shirt and underwear - I always said I would never forsake full modestly for potty training - and I broke that today. We have been buying diapers non-stop for 9 years now, and more than once we've bought diapers for two children at a time, or diapers and pull ups. We are so thankful God always provided, but we are ready to get out of the diaper department. Whether that will be forever or not, I don't know, but I am determined to get this little guy trained! Today was his first cold-turkey, no diapers, only underwear day, and he has done tremendously well. As of right now, in the early evening as I type the last bits of this post, *no accidents* can be reported :) 

So this is a big break for all of us, both with school and potty training!

If you are reading this, I hope your school year/tot school year is going well!


  1. Awesome again!!! Your tot school buddy, Jenn @ Mr. Little Man

    1. oh my - you give me too much credit! :) Thanks! I loved checking out your week, too! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Oh, wow, a play doogh mat! Thanks for posting! Can I use the idea? Your little one is so smart!

    1. oh, I would be honored for you to use ideas - believe me, most of what I have found is either a replica or idea that comes from something I've seen somewhere else! :) Thank you - he is a little smarty-pants (and ornery - but I guess that goes with the territory when you are the youngest of five!)


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