Monday, November 11, 2013

A New Place To Find Me :)

I wanted to announce real quick that there is a new place to find me! :) Although my homeschool blog may be a little bit more active from time to time, depending on what's going on that week, you can now also find me blogging here : A Higher Calling. Occasionally, my brain hashes out different things I think about as a mother and wife - both deep and sometimes, just something so light and fun as maybe a new recipe or craft, or just something the kids or my husband I did that was enjoying and helped us as a family! Although homeschooling has so many facets, I didn't want to blow up this blog too much, so I thought I would just have two!

I would love to have you find me over there from time to time, seeing what may be going on in our life outside of homeschooling! 

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