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I will be the first to say that I am in NO way an expert, nor do I have the most beautiful printables available on the web. However, I do want to share them with you - for FREE - whenever possible. Without access to so many great printables on the web, and so many of them being offered for free, homeschooling would at times be a little difficult to try and teach everything I would like in the way I would like, which would appeal to my children. I hope you can find something you will be able to use among these. If you would like to share, please do not share the link itself. Rather, guide any sharing to this page for proper credit to be given to the original source. Thanks, and enjoy!



Natural or Man-Made?
Living vs. Non-Living
Magnetic, Non-Magnetic, and Both
Soft Vs. Hard

Sensorial/Practical Life
Sensorial Color Combination Pack
Daily Work Cards - Blank
Scissor Practice Strips

Books Of The Bible Cards
Bible Memory Level Cards
Christmas Scripture/Nativity Cards
Noun Cards for Nativity

Tot/Preschool Printables
Beginning Sounds Blocks
Block colors - Clip and Spell Cards
Unifix block maze

Baseball Seek and Find Cards
Basketball Shape Matching
Football Size Sequencing

Barn Shape Matching
Beginning Sound Cards - Farm Theme

Dogs - Big and Small Size Sorting
Dogs - Types of dogs 3-part cards

Thanksgiving - Cornucopia and Fruit
Thanksgiving - What's In The Pie? Matching
Thanksgiving Puzzles

Snow - Build A Snowman Maze

Christmas Do-A-Dot/Fine Motor Skills

Trains - Color Matching

Fish - Counting Fish In The Ocean

Valentines Day - Heart Count and Clip Cards
Valentines Day - Heart Pattern Strips


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